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Are you a Carer or do you have a Carer

Are you caring for someone at home?

  • Did you know that 1 in 8 people in Britain is a Carer
  • Are you one of them
  • Carers do not always recognise themselves as such

You could be looking after a friend or relative of any age who through illness, disabilty or fraility is unable to manage without help. You may see it as part of your life or duty to care, but there are many times when you need information, advice or some extra help. Being a carer can affect your health.

Doctors and nurses want to help but it’s not always easy to remember to ask who is a carer – help them by letting us know. You can fill in a form at the surgery and we will add the information to your medical record.

For help and advice contact the Carers Resource on 01723 850155 or click on the link below


Please note that all carers are entitled to a free flu vaccination.  Please arrange your appointment at reception during our flu campaign.