Repeat prescriptions

You can obtain a repeat prescription by the following methods:

The best way to order a repeat prescription is by placing a repeat prescription request form (i.e. the tear off slip on the right of your prescription) into the repeat prescribing box in reception (just before reception desk). Please ensure that the items you require are requested clearly by ticking the appropriate box on the repeat request form, or if you do not have a repeat request form, please ensure that your name, address and the items you require are clearly indicated.

Alternatively, you can order by one of one of the methods listed below:

  • By post
  • By asking at the front desk
  • Online (use the button on this page)

PLEASE NOTE: WE DO NOT TAKE REPEAT PRESCRIPTIONS BY TELEPHONE OR FAX. If any of the above methods are inconvenient, please speak to our practice manager for further information.

In order to process the large number of requests each day please note that at least 5 days notice is required for repeat prescription requests.

The Schedule for ordering and collection is therefore:

Order Collect
Monday Friday
Tuesday Saturday
Wednesday Monday
Thursday Monday
Friday Tuesday

Patients should be aware that most pharmacies can now arrange for patients’ prescriptions to be sent electronically from the practice on their behalf. To arrange this please contact your own pharmacist directly.

Electronic Prescription Service

This practice is now able to offer the Electronic Prescription Service, so if you nominate a pharmacy, your GP will send all future prescriptions electronically to your preferred pharmacy.

If you would like to take advantage of this service and haven’t yet completed a nomination form at your chosen pharmacy, you should ask your preferred pharmacy to set your nomination. You don’t need a computer to do this.

This will not affect the way that you order / request prescriptions from us.

Benefits for you

If you get a repeat prescription, you will not have to spend your time going to your GP practice each time to pick up your paper prescription. Instead your GP will send it automatically to the place you choose, with less chance of it getting lost.

Nearly all pharmacies will be connected to the service, so you will be able to get your medicines from any pharmacy you choose – whether it’s near home, work or the shops.

You may not have to wait as long for your prescription items, as often there will be time to get your repeat prescription items ready before you arrive. If any of the medicines on your prescription are out of stock when the pharmacist receives your prescription, they can be ordered in ready for you.

What happens if I do not wish to use the service?

Nothing – you will continue to get paper prescriptions as you do now.