Hunmanby Surgery

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Social Prescribing Community Link Worker

Hi my name is Stephen Carr I am the Social Prescribing Community Link worker for Scarborough South, Filey and Hunmanby. My role here comprises of working alongside GP’s in the surgery supporting people to access community based groups and wider services to improve their wellbeing and wellness alongside with or separate to medical needs. The rationale behind this service is to reduce health inequalities and improve health and wellbeing for members of the community within Filey, Hunmanby, and Scarborough as part of the NHS’s long term plan.

This non-clinical flexible approach will enable me to focus on what matters most to a person and recognise how ‘life situations’ such as being lonely, having debt problems or struggling to manage multiple long-term conditions impact on their health and wellbeing.

Furthermore it is an incentive to bridge the gap between clinical health and wellbeing to work holistically with individuals giving them ‘time’ on what matters to them. Research has been undertaken, and findings are that being active, engaging with others, learning something new and getting involved in the community around you will improve mental health and wellbeing. I am here to assist to improve your wellbeing and personal circumstances to live the best life you can.