Hunmanby Surgery

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Providing Urine Specimens

We can only hand out urine sample containers under certain circumstances; please ask at reception.  We can no longer hand out containers for patients attending hospital appointments. Containers can be purchased from the local Pharmacy. We cannot accept specimens provided in glass jars or other receptacles.  Any patients that provide a specimen in a glass jar or receptacle will be given the appropriate plastic container to transfer the specimen into.  Please ensure that your name and date of birth have been written clearly on the label (and if you remember, to put the date and time taken). You will also be asked to complete a form when handing samples in.

  • If possible, please obtain a specimen after a bath or shower.
  • Pass a small amount of urine into the toilet, then pass enough urine to fill the pot.  Pass any remaining urine into the toilet.
  • Secure the lid but not too tightly as to cause the pot to crack or give medical personnel difficulty in re-opening.
  • Please allow 3 working days for urine results to be available. You must contact the surgery for the results.
  • Please ring the surgery between 11am and 1pm Monday to Friday.
  • To maintain patient confidentiality, please be reminded that we only release results to the patient themselves unless alternative arrangements have been agreed in writing by signing a Third Party Consent to Share Information form.