SystmOne Record Share Requests

If you are a health care professional caring for one of our patients and you use the SystmOne clinical system to manage your patients it may be that access to the GP patient record would enable safer care to be offered. As Caldicot guardians of the patient record we must ensure that only relevant staff are given access and that each patient is explicitly informed of the share that will be made.

This form will enable you to obtain written consent from our patient to enable you to request a share from us. When we receive the signed request we will asses each one individually and may or may not grant the share requested even if the patient has signed the consent we reserve the right to refuse access. We may place an expiry on the share to enable this to be reviewed again at a later date.

A task will be generated by SystmOne to the requestor if a share is enabled and this will be confirmation of share granted if no such task arrives you may contact the surgery to enquire on progress 2 weeks after the postage date of the consent form.

If contacting the surgery to enquire about progress please ask to speak to Clare Broughton or Mandy Hansom. In the absence of either of these staff please ask to speak to Heather Ball, Practice Manager.

Record Sharing Consent Form